Will sunlight fade my limited edition print?

Brett Lichtenstein from Digital Art Directory, who prints all our limited edition images, is an expert in fine art reproduction, selling works by artists such as renowned Australian water colourist, John Olsen. DAD’s printing technology is as good as is available anywhere in the world at this time.

The inks used are pigment inks, printed on watercolour paper and they are considered UV stable, unlike dye-based inks that are prone to fading.

Independent data from Wilhelm Imaging Research Inc. for this paper and ink combination is 120-130 years. Print permanence testing has been conducted at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 60% PH, with light measured at 450 lux for 12 hours per day on our paper stock. Results confirmed a minimum print life of 120-130 years before any noticeable fading occurs under these “standardised” indoor display conditions.

Digital Art Directory have had their works displayed in bright (Australian) sunlight for 9 years with no discernible change and we are very confident that our limited edition reproductions of the historic Tour de France photos will maintain their original condition well into the future.